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Michelin Star

Michelin Star

Our Michelin Star board is made of Granadillo, Padauk, and African Mahogany solid woods. This heirloom beauty is on the larger size. It makes a fantastic feature in any kitchen or party for many years to come.
We DO NOT own the rights of shown wine.
Size: 11.5x 16x 1.5  Sizes are approximate.
Weight: 7lbs 11oz
  • Care

    Periodically oil the butcher block with your choice of food grade plant or mineral oil. The #1 cause of problems with the butcher block/cutting board is letting it dry out due to lack of oil. A good rule of thumb is to oil once a week for the first month and then a minimum of monthly thereafter.

    • DO NOT use a razor-edged cleaver. It will chip or splinter the wood and produce soft spots. Your cleaver should have a dull sharpened edge for best results.
    • Sanitize your cutting board by wiping all surfaces down with mild dish soap and water. Dry thoroughly.
    • DO NOT wash your wood cutting board with harsh detergents of any type.
    • DO NOT wash your butcher's tools on your cutting board surface.
    • DO NOT put cutting blocks/butcher blocks into the dishwasher.
    • If you feel like you want a smoother surface after cutting for some time on the board, just LIGHTLY sand using 220-320 grit sand paper then wash with  cold water, dry then oil
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